RMS - Resource Maintenance System
Discrepancy Management
  • Tracks all discrepancies on multiple resource categories (aircraft, simulators, vehicles)
  • Categorize discrepancies by type
  • Automatic alerts, if desired, when discrepancy entered against a resource
  • Tracks Squawks, Open Discrepancies, Deferred Discrepancies and Closed Discrepancies
  • Create Work Order or assign discrepancy to existing work order

Work Order Management

  • Track all Open, Closed and in progress work orders
  • Managers can electronically assign work orders to technicians
  • Work Order clock in and clock out
  • Automatic audit to ensure each discrepancy has associated corrective action
  • Canned Corrective Action insert capability
  • Work order can include recommended parts list
  • Includes capability to pull parts from inventory
  • Provides tracking of parts installed by work order
  • Tracks parts removed by the work order
  • Event checklists automatically made a part of the work order
  • Includes a "Pass Down" capability for carry-over work
  • Technician, Inspected By, and Supervisor signoff audits
  • Capability to generate "generic" work orders (work not associated with a resource, i.e., shop maintenance, inventory parts, or special projects)

Event Management (e.g. 100 Hour Inspection, etc.)

  • Events can be user-defined for each resource category (aircraft, vehicles, simulators)
  • Users have flexibility to define the event to meet their specific resource needs
  • Events durations can be set for hours, days, or months with a warning or grounding threshold
  • Events can be tied to Air Worthiness Directives and/or Service Bulletins and set for one time or recurring.
  • Users can structure checklists for each defined event.
  • User-defined/Canned corrective actions can be defined for each event to simplify technician input
  • ATA Codes can be loaded and assigned as applicable to defined events
  • Recommended parts lists can be pre-defined for each event
  • Automatic alerts to managers as event thresholds are reached or events are due
  • Event requirements are turned into work orders with the click of a mouse
  • Event can be set to automatically recur once completed
  • Events can be "chained" together to form a cyclic sequence

Corrective Actions
  • All work order discrepancies require a corrective action entry before a work order can be closed
  • Corrective actions can be pre-defined to simplify and ease technician input for standard and/or routine maintenance actions
  • Corrective actions are entered into the applicable resource component category, for example, airframe, propulsion, avionics, or propeller
Inventory Control

  • Complete parts management capability
  • User defined part types
  • User defined kit types, kit components and kit assemblies
  • Complete parts inventory with primary, alternate, substitute and superceded part numbers
  • Provides real time parts quantities and cost and capability to set minimum, maximum and reorder levels
  • Maintain manufacturer, supplier and alternate supplier information
  • Detailed parts storage information down to individual bin level with "find" capability
  • Detailed shipping and receiving information
  • Warranty tracking on parts or components that have an associated warranty
  • Warranty checking on removed parts

Shipping and Receiving
  • Complete parts receiving capability
  • Tracks parts that are on order and provides flags when due dates are not met
  • Provides complete billing information including supplier, cost, tax, insurance, and shipping data
  • Automatic flag when part for an open work order awaiting part is received.
  • Tracks parts in shipping status (parts being sent out)
  • Tracks shipping information to include, shipper, cost, pick-up date, tracking number and billing data

Tools Management
  • Manage all serialized tools and/or tools that have a periodic calibration requirement
  • Manage tools by make, type, model, serial number and control number
  • Real time current status of the tool (Failed, Passed, Not Tested)

Technician Certifications
  • Define and track technician certifications
  • Certifications can be set as a one time award or given an expiration time (days or months)
  • Technicians can track own Certification currencies from single button on their RMS Home Page
  • Managers can easily monitor Certification currencies directly through RMS or through RMS report function

Management Features

  • Search through your massive history of work orders in the blink of an eye
  • Maintains history of all work orders (Open, Closed, Cancelled) for reference and analysis.
  • Management area Includes features for managing technician workload
  • Capability to manage all work orders
  • Captures technician work order hours and provides capability to allocate to Payroll Periods
  • Provides capability to manage technician work order time
  • Provides maintenance managers automatic alerts for the following:
    • Event threshold and duration is reached
    • Engine/Propeller TBO threshold and TBO reached
    • Serialized part TBO within xxxx hours and overdue
    • Part warranty within xxxx days of expiration
    • Part shelf life with xxxx days of expiration
    • Work order created and clock time exceeds xxxx hours
    • Resource downed via a squawk

Other RMS Capabilities
  • The RMS has a "Definitions" feature that allows the user to customize the system for specific maintenance operations. The following are examples of RMS elements that are "user defined"
    • ATA Codes (RMS is pre-loaded with standard FAA ATA codes)
    • Technician certifications and technician training events
    • Discrepancy types, work order categories and work order codes
    • Event types and events
    • Part types and kit types
    • Payroll periods
    • Suppliers and shippers
  • 100% web based (not emulated)
  • RMS inputs and changes create an audit trail of name and date
  • Manage multiple maintenance locations
  • Can be interfaced with Talon's ETA training management system

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